Need a stylish haircut, shaving and many more services like massage and nail?

 KANOA, a newly opened salon at the corner of Motomachi Chubu intersection in Hibari Motomachi, is a perfect place to visit both for women and men.


To your surprise, we combined hair salon, barber, nail salon and spa and provide a wide range of services.

You can drop by just for quick shave or take a few hours to treat yourself with a quality cut, massage and facial spa in a relaxing environment.

Choose your combination of the day. You can book online or call us at 0776-95-5550.

Credit card/ PayPay Available | Free Wi-Fi | On-line Booking

​Available in English

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Beauty & Barber



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Opening hours

10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Regular day off : 3rd. Sundays


Basic menu starts at 1700yen

Basic single menu such as cut, face shaving, shampoo, esthetic and blow start from 1700 yen (excluding tax). Combine each menus and colors, perms and other options. We have many additional options.
Feel free to call us about our services!


Coloring starts at 2700 yen
(excluding tax)

We have three basic coloring menus such as 2cm retouch, the whole color and early discount within 40 days from the use of coloring at our shop.
You can combine additional options for collagen and treatments, combine 4-step treatments.

Other unique servises

・Free pick-up service 

・Computer repairing

・Music Live events

・Photo exhibition


Service and Price

Cut | face | shave | esthetics | shampoo | blow

¥ 1,700 each

* Can be combined. We have also special discount for set prices.


Early bird discount for 40 days : From ¥ 2,700  | 2cm : From ¥ 3,400 ~ |

* Prices above with self-blow discount.


From 4,800 yen

Plus option

500 yen menu

Bangs cut | Neck shaving | Brow shaving | One-Shampoo

Nail & Massage : Please call us.

* Tax will be added to the rates above.

Credit, PayPay and Alipay compatible




I am keeping in touch with people in Uganda for over 10 years.

Beginning with educational support in 2008, we are now widely supporting youth development.

Even now, I'm going to Uganda and continue my activities with friends in Uganda.

Not surprisingly, some of Kanoa's sales have been linked to Uganda for a support.


The top photo is Lake Bunyonyi in Kabale, Uganda where I lived.


I hope Kanoa can be a comfortable place for everyone like Lake Bunyonyi.

If you are interested in Uganda or Africa, please come to KANOA and ask me about it!



KANOA is located near the big tree at the corner of the Hibari-Motomachi / Motomachi Chubu intersection.

It's on the opposite side of Seven-Eleven Imizu Hibari.
Car Parking is available. Please use the Drug Store Aoki Kosugi parking lot.

1671-1 Hibari-Motomachi, Imizu City, Toyama

Shop number: 0766-95-5550

English (Owner's mobile): 080-7530-7555